RPN: Year of Promotion

May 24, 2014 – RPN Conference: Year of Promotion was held in Cuneta Astrodome with 9,000 delegates. The conference in itself is history for the whole network since it was the first time that we held the event in Cuneta, which is two times the size of Word of Hope where we held our previous conferences.

But this time, it is not just the whole network to claim its defining moment during the conference but Horizon as well have experienced our personal defining moment, the beginning of our next 20 years and the start of our promotion.

Our very own, Ptr. Manric Tan Pascual was announced officially as one of the twelve of Ptr. Rafy Panlilio, our Horizon Kingdom Movers danced with the Grace Testament Church and Praise Christian Fellowship during the praise and worship and some of our church mates volunteered as marshals in the said event.

The conference talks about promotion shared by Ptr. Rafy Panlilio, Ptr. Loi Gatchalian, Ptr. Rudy Fernandez and Dr. Bishop Oriel Ballano. The conference ended with the voice of the crowd resounding more souls! More disciples! More leaders! And full house for the Lord!

Photo by: Catherine dela Cruz



July 27 (Sunday)

SOL 2 Classes

1:15 to 3:00 pm

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July 26 (Saturday)

Horizon Unleashed

10:30 am to 1:30 pm

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Grace by Ptr. Manric Tan Pascual

July 27 - Filled by Grace

August 3 - Grace Place


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