Benevolence Ministry

“At the heart of the church, is a church with a heart”

Benevolence ministry should spring from our worship and love for our God, that will transcend and bless  our brethren.  We all represent life groups, thus we should be the initiator of being compassionate, generous, and  benevolent to our members.  Please update our team, if there will be a special need among our members or close family members.  We should be available to minister to them, by praying, visiting or giving our financial support and most importantly our presence during times of crisis.

Times are hard, but we believe in our loving Father and a caring community within our church to minister and to help us see the faithfulness of Jesus Christ in our lives.

Vision Statement: Benevolence Ministry aims to fulfill God’s heart for the poor by providing them spiritual, moral and financial assistance in order for them to experience God’s love and hope in their lives.

Mission Statement: Benevolence Ministry exists to be a channel of blessing by sharing God’s love, compassion and care to Horizon member as well as seekers.

Ministry Goals:

1. It is our goal to raise the following funds through members’ pledges, garage shares, sale of junk, solicitation from our supporters, etc.

a. Welfare fund – 30% of the total pledges will be allotted to assist those members who are sick, those who are in need of money to apply for a job, funeral expenses, those victims of calamities such as typhoon, fire, etc.

b. Educational fund – 60% of the total pledges will be allotted for the tuition and allowance of horizon scholars.

c. Workers fund – 10% of the total pledges will be allotted for the pastors and church workers and missionaries who need financial assistance and visitation.

2. To equip and raise potential leaders who will lead the ministry.

3. To foster unity and challenge the team to deeper commitment to the ministry and disciple them towards maturity in our walk with our Lord.

4. To recruit more committed members to join the ministry, especially those who are not involve yet with any ministry.

5. To work in partnership with Assimilation through our visitation, financial assistance.

6. To be a channel of blessings to our members, our immediate families, attendees, pastors and some of our church ministries through financial help, encouragements, so that they will truly experience the reality of Jesus Christ in their lives in concrete ways.

Heart of the Ministry:

1. Horizon Care - In general we care for the needs of our members, immediate family, especially when they are sick, or have lost their loved ones.

2. Pastoral Care - We are assist some specific needs of our pastors and their respective families, for them to live a better life, as they commit themselves in full time ministry and in shepherding the flock.

3. Student Care - We have chosen scholars each schoolyear to support their tuition and allowance in school. We would like to raise them up to be a successful professional in their respective fields and to be our church leaders as well.

4. Missionary Care - We aim to send missionaries in the field in partnership with their calling to plant churches, disciple leaders, share the gospel. As of now, we are supporting financially and in prayer Sis Sheila based in Indonesia, Sis Rosanna Guemo and Ptr.Joel Guemo, our PCF missionaries in Aurora, Quezon.

5. Community Care - We organize and sponsor livelihood projects, outreach projects, gift giving to charitable institution for our nearby communities through Horizon Unleash being organized by life groups. We are praying for life transformation within our communities, as a result of these outreaches.

We challenge you to play an in important role in the ministry. Let us allow God to bless us, as we become God’s message of hope and love to our brethren.

We need committed and passionate Benevolence team of leaders!

Upcoming Project:  Blessed 13 – December 2013 
A gift givng project to chosen needy families and church workers 

“I will tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”
Galatians 6:2



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