Proof of Excellence

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is about growing others.
- Jack Welch

Everything has it's own process. In leadership, we have to grow ourselves first so we can lead. As we become equipped with necessary skills, we'll be sent out to equip others as well. As we grow together, we excel altogether and all for God's glorious name.

As we embrace discipleship, we embrace the value of excellence as well. We know that it's one of the ways to please God. We offer God nothing but the best! And I guess no one among the Horizon champs wants to be left behind. Each one wants to excel and be disciple. As a proof 35 Champs charlie batch just finished SOL 1 and were given recognition this June 7, 2014. Some even received special awards such as Evangelism award and some were awarded cum laude of their batch. Tokens were also given to those who went extra miles to excel.

Congratulations champs! Are you ready for the next level?

(SOL 1 Charlie Batch recognition, June 07, 2014)

By: Riegene Marmeto

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