Horizon Vision

To be a church that teaches the heart of God (DISCIPLESHIP); touches the heart of the poor (EMPOWERMENT); and transforms the hearts of the nations (MISSIONS).


Imagine a group of simple, ordinary and weak people gathered together to worship a big, powerful, but merciful and loving God.

They believe it’s not about their smallness that matters, but how big their God is. Not about their goodness, for there is none, but the awesome grace of God. It’s not even about their sinfulness, but the forgiveness that God freely offers.

 So they set out to change the world-one soul at a time, one small thing at a time, one act of kindness at a time.

They are dreamers, visionaries, risk-takers, adventurers, pioneers, both young and old alike. They go out simply telling their ‘’God stories’’ to others, pointing not to themselves, but to Jesus.

Together they empower the poor, strengthen the weak, comfort the hurting, seek the lost, embrace the outcast, and build each other up.

They live in biblical community. That means they laugh together, cry together, and share their deepest heart issues.

Yet there is no condemnation, only acceptance. They battle for each other’s hearts.

They are grace-givers, radical worshipers, hope sharers, generous givers, compassionate servants, and passionate for Christ.

Families and communities will be transformed because of their God.

These people are us.


Let this be our story, our dream, our vision, our hope, our passion, our prayer.





1.       Kingdom Connection

·         The Body ministry of Horizon, captured best by its motto, ’’No church left behind, no pastor left alone’’


2.       Horizon Unleashed

·         Serving and loving the 3L’s of society-the lost, the last, and the least.


3.       M7

·         Influencing the seven mountains of society through intentional prayer and discipleship: Family, Government, Media, Education, Military, Business, and Spiritual.


4.       Disciple the Nations (D 197)

·         Every member adopting a ‘’second’’ nation by praying and supporting a missionary serving in that country until all 195 nations of the world are completed.


5.       Dream 24 Project

·         Sponsoring 24 children from ages 4-6 until 21 years old in their education so that our dream of at least one College graduate per Filipino family can be fulfilled.

Schedule of Services

Tagalog Service
8:00AM - 10:00AM

1st English Service
10:30AM - 12:00NN

2nd English Service
3:30PM - 5:00PM




July 27 (Sunday)

SOL 2 Classes

1:15 to 3:00 pm

Classes ongoing

July 26 (Saturday)

Horizon Unleashed

10:30 am to 1:30 pm

Ongoing Series

Grace by Ptr. Manric Tan Pascual

July 27 - Filled by Grace

August 3 - Grace Place

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